Fume Cupboards & Extract Systems

Leading Provider of Analytical Science Solutions


Mach-Aire has designed, tested, installed and commissioned 7 fume cupboards and associated extract systems at a new facility for a client based in the North West of England.

The Problem

A leading provider of analytical science solutions were looking to build a new state of the art facility in the North West of England to enable them to carry out long term research and development. The Head Quarters will comprise offices, research and development facilities alongside assembly plants, which they hope will become a leading facility and accelerate scientific discoveries. Over 600 staff will be relocated into this fit for purpose facility. The client required 7 energy efficient fume cupboards for use in the various laboratories throughout the ground floor of the facility and an effective extract system, as the building has been constructed to a BREEAM Very Good specification.

The Solution

Mach-Aire was commissioned by the client to design, test and install 7 Classic style fume cupboards, up to 2m wide, to meet the client’s specification. In addition Mach-Aire was also commissioned to supply and install the PVC extract system to connect to the fume cupboards, this including the co-ordination of the routes of the ducting installations on site in accordance with DW154 recommendations. The extract system incorporated 7 extract runs of approximately 80m each, including the exhaust stacks.