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Case Studies

Fume Extract Systems

Uppingham School


Mach-Aire has built, installed and co-ordinated the PVC fume exhaust systems into the new Science Building at Uppingham School, Rutland.

The Problem

The new Science Building at Uppingham School is considered to be one of the best equipped in the country, it is not only fit for purpose for its students but has first class laboratory workspace. The design and installation of the relevant fume exhaust services were considered extremely important as there was limited available space both within the ceiling void and the service risers.

The Solution

Mach-Aire was commissioned by the M&E Services contractor, Derry Building Services, to build and install a mixture of VAV and CAV extract systems throughout the new Science Building, to connect to the fume cupboards within the laboratories, including roof mounted fume exhaust fans.


All ducting was installed in PVC with fully welded joints and fittings.

The exhaust flues were paint finished to match the external roof cladding, resulting in an unobtrusive solution

MA Triangle - White and Red.png


  • Provided a bespoke ducting solution, within restricted ceiling void and vertical riser space allocation.

  • A high quality solution to meet the client’s specifications.

  • A dedicated project engineer assigned to work on the project.

  • All PVC ducting installed in accordance with DW154 recommendations.

  • A combination of VAV & CAV systems were provided as part of the installation to help reduce their environmental impact.


A combination of VAV & CAV systems were provided as part of the installation to help reduce their environmental impact.

Derry Building Services

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