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Extract Systems

The optimum performance of fume cupboards and ducted containment equipment can only be assured if connected to a well-designed fume extraction system. That’s why our industry-leading product range is complemented by our specialist team of ventilation designers and fabricators.

Our engineers offer extensive experience in the selection, design, manufacture and installation of all types of fume extract systems including single and multiple ducting for constant or variable volume usage.


To ensure the ultimate performance of our systems, we also offer a comprehensive range of high efficiency, backward curved centrifugal fan units, specifically designed for use with corrosive materials. Our team at Mach-Aire is dedicated to helping you identify the right products and solutions to match your individual project needs.


Our systems are manufactured from chemically resistant materials, typically PVC, polypropylene and FRPP and are designed in line with the relevant specification – DW154, LGC1614 and BS EN14175. All fan units have been fully tested to British and European Standards. Full performance curves including noise, power, efficiency and dimensional data are available upon request.

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GSK - 1.jpg

FlexiLab Fume Cupboards


AstraZeneca - 1.jpg

Fume Cupboards

Boultings Group - AstraZeneca CPL4 

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Fume Cupboards

University of Liverpool

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