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Case Studies

Fume cupboard ventilation turnkey system (VTS)
CubicWorks Ltd 


  • Project details: Multiple fume cupboards and extract booths, supply and extract air systems, VAV room controls, interconnecting field wiring, and commissioning. 

  • Client: CubicWorks Ltd.

  • End user: Seda.

  • Location: Cheadle 


Overview (SEDA’S HAPI Place)

SEDA Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmaceutical development services company, embarked on a project to enhance their laboratory facilities and processing suite using the latest fume cupboard and VAV air flow technology. The objective was to expand processing capabilities, improve laboratory safety, optimise air quality and ventilation, and achieve energy efficiency. This case study provides an overview of the installation process, including field wiring and commissioning.


The client required a turnkey solution, from a reputable, single-source equipment supplier including a range of fume cupboards and bespoke powder handling booths with integrated fume extract system, supply air system, and controls, ensuring seamless communication and coordination between multiple systems and components. Accommodating the new system required careful spatial planning as the ground floor was converted to lab space from a former office space. 


Our in-house teams from Pure Labs, Pure Vent, and Mach Aire, working with CubicWorks, collaborated on a “one-stop shop” project bringing together expertise from each relevant department, providing a tailored design to fit SEDA’s laboratory space and each individual user’s requirements, including bespoke equipment designs and adjustable ventilation settings with night set back and VAV functionality. 


Through meticulous planning and innovative solutions, we successfully implemented a combined system that enhanced laboratory safety, air quality, and energy efficiency. The installation, field wiring, and commissioning were executed seamlessly, ensuring the works were completed on time and within budget.  The new processing suite is fully equipped to handle highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (HAPI) and serves as a testament to SEDA's commitment to excellence in pharmaceutical development services.

SEDA CEO, Paul Stott, commented “Fantastic service from Mach Aire it has made a huge difference to our containment capabilities at SEDA Pharmaceutical Development Services. Thanks to everyone involved”.

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