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Ventilated Enclosures

A modern trend in laboratories, LEV (local exhaust ventilation) units are used to house processing apparatus such as rotary evaporators, emitting vapours that need to be contained and extracted. LEVs are designed to operate with low flows, providing containment throughout the running of the process.

Mach-Aire offers a standard modular solution, but can also advise you on bespoke designs to meet your specifications. LEVs have the option to be fitted with an integrated on/off damper, airflow failure alarm, internal (low energy) LED lighting, fire extinguisher systems and mechanical and electrical services. Tailored to suit the application, the underbench space can also be fitted with open storage shelves or cupboard/drawer units.

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GSK - 1.jpg

FlexiLab Fume Cupboards


AstraZeneca - 1.jpg

Fume Cupboards

Boultings Group - AstraZeneca CPL4 

Liverpool - 1.jpg

Fume Cupboards

University of Liverpool

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