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The CLASSIC range is our standard low cost, high performance unit available as a traditional design (150mm side walls) or a slim side wall. Provided as a bench type, walk in or step in (distillation), the units are available in modular sizes up to 2.4m wide.

With thousands currently in use across the globe, the external structure offers all the usual options for internal surfaces matched with a coating largely made up of mild steel.


Energy efficient and ergonomically designed, this model features service handwheels and electrical elements fitted to the side panels for ease of use.

CLASSIC Narrow Stile

This provides the customer with the maximum workspace for the given ‘footprint’ of the fume cupboard, providing the optimum in cost per square metre of useable workspace. Service handwheels and electric elements are fitted on a fascia panel, immediately below the front opening of the sash. Fan controls and alarm indicators are fitted at safe eye level.

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GSK - 1.jpg

FlexiLab Fume Cupboards


AstraZeneca - 1.jpg

Fume Cupboards

Boultings Group - AstraZeneca CPL4 

Liverpool - 1.jpg

Fume Cupboards

University of Liverpool

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