Mach-Aire in Pharmaceuticals

Mach-Aire has over 20 years’ experience in supplying the pharmaceutical sector with innovative solutions to overcome key issues faced by the industry today. Product protection and employee safety are of paramount importance alongside increasing pressure to improve the energy efficiency of your business, equipment and processes.

Designing working environments with ergonomic, functional and aesthetic appeal is vital within the sector. We work with you to provide individual solutions that balance the combination of demands in both research & development (R&D) and manufacturing establishments.

Research & Development (R&D)

Mach-Aire provides flexible yet safe and sustainable solutions for the R&D sector in order to help you adapt to the ever-changing requirements of frontier research. We work closely with you to design solutions that enable quick and effective laboratory reconfigurations, adaptable to the rapidly evolving equipment needs of drug discovery.

Helping you reduce your environmental impact, our low carbon, high efficiency solutions are at the forefront of airflow technology. We ensure our low carbon fume cupboards, LEVs and weigh station products are designed around you.


Where operator or product protection is an issue, we are able to design solutions with essential containment installations throughout the manufacturing process.

Understanding complex manufacturing processes facilitates our ability to provide sterile processing, powder (API) handling and restricted access barrier systems for pharmaceutical production facilities. Our sterility test isolators, containment isolators, laminar flow units and powder booths ensure business operations remain safe and at the height of efficiency for you.

Case Studies