Mach-Aire in Healthcare

Our extensive experience and knowledge of working with both the public and private healthcare sector only furthers our capabilities when met with specialist technical issues.

Helping you create a fully compliant, bespoke solution where product, personnel and environmental protection is critical, we offer aseptic pharmacy dispensing facilities and containment facilities. We establish safe environments for your staff, products and the patients you will be treating.

Pharmacy Dispensing Facility

Mach-Aire provides safe and sterile environments for you to prepare and dispense sterile infusion products used to treat patients on site. We work closely with you at every stage of the project to ensure optimum design solutions through our comprehensive understanding of compliance with rules and standards.

We offer new clean room facilities, pharmaceutical isolators and horizontal laminar flow cabinets underpinned by sustainable, dynamic and innovative technology.

Containment Facilities

Operator safety is key in the design of containment facilities due to the highly infectious nature of samples to be tested, and this must also be applied to the safety of the general public. Our range of safety cabinets are designed and manufactured with varying levels of product and operator protection to meet the specific needs of your operation.

Case Studies