Mach-Aire in Education

Our fume cupboards are tailored to incorporate the highest levels of safety and protection for teachers, pupils and other users. Providing industry-leading performance for the specific needs of secondary, further education and university chemistry teaching and research facilities, our innovative solutions are safe, sustainable and energy efficient.

Secondary and Further Education

Our school fume cupboards provide excellent visibility for basic experiments, available as ducted or full recirculating air systems. Full recirculating air systems feature activated carbon cell filtration, while specialist monitors are fitted to indicate filter condition levels.

University - Research Laboratories

Often collaborating with pharmaceutical organisations, university laboratories require detailed specifications similar to pharmaceutical facilities. Low energy and sustainable equipment features cutting edge materials and air flow control options.

University - Teaching Laboratories

These environments require intuitive, robust and safe solutions in which to operate. Improved safety sightlines are a prerequisite, so we provide clear panel fume cupboards that offer a safe ambience in which to operate.

Our committed after sales support and continual development ensures our partnership results in the matching of your project with a premium design solution for your educational establishment.

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