Mach-Aire has designed a range of pharmacy and pharmaceutical grade isolators providing an enclosed environment in which to separate operators from their processes. All our high quality isolators are manufactured to meet European Standard ISO 14644-7: 2004.

Hospital Pharmacy Isolator

Our range of ICT (negative pressure) and IPP (positive pressure) pharmacy isolators contain newly developed features allowing each isolator to meet both the containment and aseptic needs of hospital pharmacists.

Available in either two or four glove formats with ICT or IPP designs, our isolators are suitable for a range of applications including dispensing cytotoxics, parenteral nutrition and other sterile infusion products.

Manufactured using a range of polished stainless steel, white polyester coated zintec steel and polished clear acrylic, our high quality range utilises an integrated programmable logic controller system (PLC). Optional features include vari-height support stand, CCTV and extract ductwork.

Containment Isolators

For processes that require the containment of active ingredients, these isolators are precision built to suit specific applications.

A bespoke design allows for many special features including polished stainless steel chamber and hatches, clear acrylic or toughened safety glass vision panels, inflatable seals, HDPE glove ports, safe change HEPA filtration, PLC controls, hydrogen peroxide disinfection and a seamless integration of process equipment.

Sterility Test Isolators

Mach-Aire has developed a range of two glove and four glove isolators specifically for sterility testing. These isolators are designed for the sterility testing of pharmaceutical products, with an automatic disinfection system utilising hydrogen peroxide vapour. We are also able to integrate the Millipore ‘Equinox’ system if required.

The isolators can be designed as either single or double-chambered models, with interconnecting transfer hatches as standard. We fabricate our range from 316L stainless steel with a smooth internal finish, integral control and alarm system, internal lighting and timed release transfer hatch doors. Our sterility test isolators offer a chamber to EU Grade A.