Mach-Aire awarded fume cupboard contract for major pharmaceutical client

Mach-Aire awarded fume cupboard contract for major pharmaceutical client

Mach-Aire is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract to design and build 30 bespoke Narrow Stile fume cupboards for a major pharmaceutical client.

The client required a fume cupboard solution for a trial project that would enable them to incorporate and evaluate new approaches within their laboratories. Mach-Aire were commissioned to support the client at these early stages whilst they determined how their future facilities would operate, by providing new and innovative products. It was key for Mach-Aire to develop a solution that would enable the client to maximise the workspace at each fume cupboard within their laboratories, allowing scientists to carry out chemistry, whilst still providing excellent containment. The Narrow Stile fume cupboard was the ideal solution, providing maximum working space for the given footprint of the fume cupboard. Glass side panels were also incorporated, at the client’s request, to provide the scientists with greater visibility whilst undertaking their operations.

Other developments that Mach-Aire have improved, in conjunction with the client, were to replace standard fabrications; that are usually added by the scientists, with specially plumbed in services. The client has also adopted new working practices to manage their waste streams which has led to workspace that has previously been taken up with waste being freed up for operations.

“We were delighted to be awarded this opportunity and have worked closely with the client to provide new and innovative fume cupboard solutions during this key trial stage which will be incorporated in their future facilities on a global scale following their successful evaluation.” Said Roy Allwood, Managing Director at Mach-Aire.

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