Mach-Aire designs and builds clean room for Bupa Cromwell Hospital

Mach-Aire designs and builds clean room for Bupa Cromwell Hospital

Mach-Aire has designed, built and validated an aseptic pharmaceutical clean room facility within the Pharmacy Department at Bupa Cromwell Hospital.

The Problem

Bupa Cromwell Hospital were looking to relocate their existing aseptic pharmacy unit within the hospital. The intention was to substantially increase the size of the aseptic unit and to double the number of isolators within the unit. The design upgrade would ensure the new unit is fully compliant with current regulations for modern units.

The new location, identified by the hospital, had previously been ward accommodation. The low ceiling height and the access for ductwork to the air handling plant location provided challenges for the design team.

The Solution

Mach-Aire was employed on this project to design, build and validate the new aseptic pharmacy clean room facility. The new aseptic unit would provide a cytotoxic reconstitution service exclusively to the hospital, the unit would operate as an unlicensed unit; preparing cytotoxic products in the form of syringes, bags and infusion devices.

The design and layout of the new unit was prepared jointly by Gill Parkin, Aseptic Unit Co-Ordinator, Holly O’Brien, Chief Pharmacist and Richard Phillips of Mach-Aire Ltd to ensure it met the specific requirements of the hospital.

The unit is fully compliant with EU GMP in terms Grades, room pressures, materials of construction etc and was successfully completed, validated and put into operation in a period of 16 weeks.

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