Mach-Aire achieves unrivalled fume cupboard containment levels

Mach-Aire achieves unrivalled fume cupboard containment levels

Following extensive testing and development Mach-Aire is proud to announce it has achieved containment levels for its fume cupboards that are currently unrivalled within the industry.

The primary function of a fume cupboard is to prevent potential harm from toxic substances being generated or handled in the laboratory. It is important therefore that specifiers and users look to deploy the very best containment devices to ensure that operators are afforded maximum protection. Mach-Aire continually develops its products to maintain our position as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers, offering the very best in quantifiable containment.

Extensive in house investigations, occasionally in conjunction with our customers, enable us to optimise our designs to record exceptional performance. All testing is conducted in accordance protocols set out in European Standard EN 14175.

We are able to offer containment performance of <0.005ppm for inner & outer plane measurement across our range of fume cupboards with face velocities of 0.25 – 0.5 m/sec.

Robustness of Containment performance;

<0.045ppm at Face Velocity of 0.35 m/sec

<0.060ppm at Face Velocity of 0.30 m/sec

<0.100ppm at Face Velocity of 0.25 m/sec

This containment performance is achieved without supplementary air assistance. Containment Factors (Cf) as EN14175-3:2006 can be provided once fume cupboard size, sash opening and face velocity is known. Mach-Aire fume cupboards will operate with a ‘leakage’ of <1%

As a result of our extensive testing and development, we are also able to provide a retro fit solution to existing installations, where the customer is looking to reduce volume flows whilst maintaining good levels of containment performance. Our Cfoil device was developed following our comprehensive investigations into containment performance; and will improve the Robustness of Containment performance of existing fume cupboards where reduced flows and subsequent energy savings are sought. (Subject to inspection and trials).

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