Mach-Aire is evolving

Mach-Aire is evolving

To support our growth, both in the UK and internationally, we have developed a new identity that reflects who we are and what we do.

We are the Innovairtors – For more than 20 years’ Mach-Aire has been at the forefront of clean air technology. We’ve led the way in the development of fume cupboards and containment systems for some of the world’s leading healthcare, educational and pharmaceutical organisations. We’re now also one of the one of the leading suppliers of clean room systems.

In fact no other company offers the scope of clean air solutions that Mach-Aire does. We extract, contain and circulate air to control a multitude of substances and applications.

We are the experts – With Mach-Aire expertise comes as standard. Yes, we can deliver tried and tested products off the shelf, but our real passion is innovative, problem solving challenges. Pushing the boundaries of air technology so our customers can push the boundaries of their capability. We have a process for this, we call it Innovairtion.

We are Mach-Aire.

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