CFoil™ results in improved containment

CFoil™ results in improved containment

Mach-Aire's exciting innovation, the CFoil™ has achieved excellent results at a number of test sites in the UK, and they have just been installed to a series of new Cupboards for a large laboratory facility in the Midlands.

The aerofoil device is designed to drastically improve the containment (robustness) performance of Fume Cupboards, regardless of the air velocity at which they are operating.

Tests have shown that on a 2m wide Fume Cupboard operating at a face velocity of 0.5m/second, a 35% improvement in containment was achieved, whilst on the same Fume Cupboard operating at 0.3 m/second, there was a 38% improvement in performance.

An improvement in the containment performance is often the main criteria for considering the CFoil™, but an added benefit is that if the face velocity can be reduced as well, it has a knock-on effect on reducing energy consumption and of course operating costs.

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