Mach-Aire (Shanghai) awarded Downflow Booth project for Beijing company

Mach-Aire (Shanghai) Clean Air Technology Ltd, the Mach-Aire JV which became operational in March last year has successfully been awarded its first Downflow Booth purchase order. A local pharmaceutical manufacturer in Beijing has specified a 6m wide Booth to be used to control hazardous dusts whilst dispensing and vacuum transferring powdered product to a mixing vessel. A further two weigh stations for handling small volume products have also been specified, and will be delivered at the same time.

The complex layout will involve very close co-operation between the customer, the Shanghai based design team and the UK project engineers, and will result in the manufactured equipment undergoing a Factory Acceptance Test in the spring. Installation and full validation will then follow immediately after delivery to site.

Mach-Aire in the UK hosted the Chinese customers in December, and they were able to visit recent installations at UK sites, before concluding their visit, and discussing other potential projects at the Mach-Aire facility in Bolton.

Darren Hughes the General Manager of Mach-Aire (Shanghai) Clean Air Technology said “We are very pleased to have secured what we will hope will be the first of a number of contracts from our customer. Apart from this Booth project we are also working very closely with them on projects for Sterility Test Isolators, and hence the visit to similar installations in the UK”.

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