North Midlands NHS Trust - Servicing Contract



Mach-Aire has serviced fume cupboards, safety cabinets and isolators at the Royal Stoke University Hospital.

The Problem

Sodexo, as Facilities Managers for the Royal Stoke University Hospital, required a Service contract to ensure the continued high performance of their fume cupboards and containment equipment.

The Solution

Mach-Aire was commissioned by Sodexo to carry out the servicing of equipment in the hospital’s Pathology department, Pharmacy department, Department of Nuclear Medicine and 2 containment laboratories.

The service contract for the fume cupboards, which are housed in the Pharmacy department, the Pathology department and the Department of Nuclear Medicine, involved our Service Engineers carrying out annual face velocity tests to ensure the fume cupboards continued to perform at their optimum level.

Mach-Aire Service Engineers also carried out bi-annual servicing of both the safety cabinets and isolators in the same departments to check they remain compliant with the latest British Standard and GMP pharmaceutical guidelines. In addition, KI tests were carried out on an annual basis on the safety cabinets to provide the users with assurances that the safety cabinets continue to provide full operator protection.

Mach-Aire also offers a call out service to Sodexo in the event of a breakdown, repairs and spares and consumables to reduce equipment downtime at the hospital.