Fume Cupboards

University of Liverpool


Mach-Aire designed, tested, installed and commissioned 70 Fume cupboards for the University of Liverpool, including two with adjustable height work surfaces for disabled person operation.

The Problem

The university wanted an innovative solution to bring together various science disciplines in a Central Teaching Laboratory, to enable students to benefit from experiencing other related scientific subject areas.

The Solution

Mach-Aire was commissioned by the main contractor to design, test and install the fume cupboards and associated controls for VAV operation within the new laboratory.

The customers’ specification for performance (containment) was clearly defined and extremely challenging. Our designers and test engineers developed mock ups for thorough evaluation in our in-house test facility so the client could be confident in the design before production commenced.

After Care

The units were installed, commissioned and tested extensively on-site to establish that the type test performance was replicated at the ‘as installed’ locations.