CityLabs Clean Room

Lend Lease


Mach-Aire has designed, built, furnished and commissioned a clean room facility and containment equipment in CityLabs.

The Problem

Lend Lease were appointed by Bruntwood as the main contractor to design and build CityLabs, a high specification flexible laboratory and office space in the heart of Manchester. CityLabs is part funded by the ERDF. They required a contractor to design, build, furnish and commission a clean room facility for future research and development focused tenants.

The Solution

Mach-Aire was commissioned by Lend Lease to provide a complete turnkey solution, this involved designing and building a clean room facility, completing all mechanical and electrical works and commissioning the facility. The clean room facility comprises 2 isolator rooms, which are both fed by change rooms, inner and outer support rooms and a non sterile room. We installed a particle monitoring system in both isolator rooms to provide additional protection for the users working at the isolators.

In addition Mach-Aire also furnished the clean room facility. This involved designing and building 1 x positive pressure (IPP) and 1 x negative pressure (ICT) isolator to meet the clients specification. Both isolators incorporated CCTV and particle monitoring.