Testing Facilities

Mach-Aire Testing Facilities

Mach-Aire operates one of the most extensive testing facilities for containment and extraction products and associated equipment. Our comprehensive facility is also available for our customers to benefit from.

Our facility can accommodate multi-fume cupboard installations including full input and extract systems, as well as large isolators, laminar flow cabinets, powder booths and more. The flexible design of the room supports the testing of VAV systems, ceiling and grille configurations, as well as orientation and temperature control.

Exceeding all current standards, the facility can contain up to three fume cupboards if required, and is a useful domain for assessing control systems and interaction with the containment unit.

Mach-Aire has invested in the latest equipment and instrumentation to enhance our service, ensuring our facilities and engineers are fully equipped to thoroughly test all of our products to current expert standards. We continually strive to surpass our customers’ performance criteria.